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I'm sure you have tons of questions, so let's try and answer them!


FAQ for IIFL @ YouTheatre

All that you wanted to know about YouTheatre and how you can be a part of it!

What is YouTheatre?

Curated by Divya Palat YouTheatre is the ULTIMATE ARTISTIC CELEBRATION which allows YOU a platform to tell your story! 


PERFORM : Create, learn and explore with YouTheatre. Showcase your band, put up a play, do a stand up act and fulfil your artistic dream.

LEARN: Always wanted to learn dance, but couldn’t- join a Shiamak Workshop and get your groove on.Other workshops will include Acting courses, music classes, photography workshops- so there’s something for everyone!

EXPLORE: Explore theatre, photography, music, dance, sculpting, Mumbai, travel and even hypnotherapy listening to talks from experts in the field.Watch new theatrical, music and artistic talents blow you away with true creative expression and unbridled passion.

YouTheatre will take place in approximately 4-5 venues across South Mumbai. With theatre, dance, children’s shows, spoken word/ poetry and multimedia performances- YouTheatre will showcase new talent and Award the best new talent for 2015.


YouTheatre uses funds collected by the shows to help and support smaller NGOs who need support, marketing and a platform to showcase who they are and what they do. Among the NGOs supported, we supported Adhar, Kranti, Welfare of Stray Dogs and AngelXpress in our first year and Avhan Palak Sangh and the Indian Association for Promotion of Adoption & Child Welfare as well as the Tribals of Jawahar last year.


This year we will be supporting Jawahar , Raah, A Blind school and a deaf organisation among others.

I only perform in front of friends and family.. I'm totally not a professional. Is it okay to try out here?

Of course! We're looking for you . YouTheatre focusses on amateurs who love the arts and we're not looking for professionals. We're just looking for passion and talent.

Who will curate / direct our show?

Divya Palat will be responsible for curating the talent and putting the show together.

Putting the show together... what does that mean?

Some participants might act, some may dance, others may be singers... to create a show flow and line the show up is where Divya's expertise will come in. She will direct the show and give any additional assistance required.

Can we try multiple things?

Of course... we encourage talent and talented individuals.

How many shows does IIFL have?

2 shows- you may be part of both or one. If your show is incredible (which is the aim) you will also perform to win the BEST SHOW AWARD  on the Finale Closing show. 


IIFL Foundation will also , for the first time award TALENTED EMPLOYEES and there will be Trophies for the most talented individuals!

Love it! What are the dates?

September 23, 24 and 25th are the YouTheatre dates!

What do I need to do now?

Apply and secure an audition spot. Apply here

Audition - why? When?

We just need to see your act in entirety and see what other acts compliment what you are doing?

The audition will take place by the 15th of June.

Is there a minimum or maximum performance length?

No. You can sing a 3 minute song or create a 30 minute group play... we'd love to see what ever you are proud of.

The final show duration with multiple acts and performers will be approximately 90 minutes.

I have more questions...

And we'd love to answer them...!

Write in to or and we'll email you right back!

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