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“All the world's a stage and most of us are desperately unrehearsed.” 

― Sean O' Casey



Applications accepted before August 15, 2014

Read carefully before filling out attached application

Please read over the following information. The earlier and more thoroughly you’ve digested this information, the better! 

APPLICATION FEE: The fee for each applicant is Rs. 250/-. This will be an administrative charge and will go towards form processing and the application process. This is not refundable. Once you have submitted your final group-- numbers and names , it is not possible to change this information without sending intimation well in advance to the YouTheatre Office. Please choose the Payment  Option ( Visa or Wire Transfer) to complete your Application.




In September 2014, The First Annual YouTheatre Festival will be presented at the NCPA.

RESPONSIBILITIES: If your group is accepted to the festival, you will be informed via email and contacted between August 1st and August 15th. This will mean that you will be part of a select set of groups invited to film a unique , original short 7-10 minute One Act Play for YouTheatre. You will be in competition.

SOLO PERFORMERS: If you don’t have a group, but are still really keen to perform- apply as a SOLO PERFORMER. If we love your passion and think we can try and fit you in to YouTheatre by grouping you with similar performers- we’ll accept your application!!! SO DON’T WORRY IF YOU’RE ALL ALONE, we’ll still try    to fit you in! 

THEME:Your group will be invited for the opening ceremony on the 10th of September when the themes based on the Univeral YouTheatre theme for 2014- CHANGE (the festival’s theme this year), will be given to you. Based on this, you confirm that you will create a One Act Play longer than 7 minutes but no longer than 10 minutes for the festival. We have an interest in your success. We’ve built this festival in order to give you the best chance possible. But we cannot handle details of your play. Please do not call or email and ask our staff members or any of our volunteers to do the “legwork” to find rehearsal space, crew ,actors etc. We cannot arrange this for you. You’ll have to be responsible for that yourselves.

BOARD OPERATOR: It is also necessary for you to provide everyone necessary to perform your show. This includes stage managers and board operators. We can try (not promise) try to help you with the technicals provided you have someone cueing the show during it’s run.

VENUES: Our venues will have basic sound and lights and be able to play music via CD/ Computer. For the audition, we will be looking at the staging of the play sans light and sound to see whether it has the potential to make it to the Finale.

TECHNICAL / PRODUCTION: You will be responsible for all technicals and production for your production.  We will provide you with a hall with basic lights and sound.



*Plays must be written, directed, cast and produced completed during the 48 hrs. assigned to you i.e. between SEPTEMBER 10TH AND SEPTEMBER 12TH 2014.

*Accepted languages will be Hindi and English.

*We will only consider works with a minimum running time of 5 minutes.

* Please do NOT send stills or press kits. If your play is selected we will ask you to email us a still image.

*All plays selected for YouTheatre grant YouTheatre the rights to video the performance and use DVD and press materials from the play for promotional purposes.

* YouTheatre is permitted to retain DVD copies of each play selected as part of our festival library and for media educational use.

*All plays selected for YouTheatre grant YouTheatre the rights to upload a clip/trailer online for promotional purposes.



* Play selection for YouTheatre will be made by the YouTheatre Committee.

* The entrant will be responsible for being at the audition venue at least 15 minutes prior to their performance time else they may not be considered.

* All performers/ groups will be notified via email of acceptance in the competition.

* YouTheatre cannot be held liable for any unforseen accident/mishap that takes place during the staging of the play.



*Winners will be considered for a cash Award and a Trophy for BEST PLAY.

*The Best 3-5 plays will also be screened at the Youtheatre finale event on the 14th of September. 


PUBLICITY: YouTheatre will publicize the festival and coordinate overall press relations, including interviews and critic attendance at performances critics have chosen to review. You will be asked to submit publicity photos & PR materials so that we can send complete press packages to print, online, and broadcast media. 

EMAIL / INTERNET: It is necessary that you have a working email address that you can access frequently in order to be successful in the festival. It is also necessary that you be able to access the internet in order to check for updates to our participants’ website.



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