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"I used to in college... but then life took over” 

"I always wanted to but never actually tried” 

― YOU!


We all have so many reasons we gave up our passions, stopped our creativity or never even thought we could!

This year YouTheatre gives you a chance to start over, to restart or just simply try something new!


If you have a passion, we’d like to help you explore it!

If you have a story , we’d like to help you tell it!

If you have a song in your heart, we’d like to help the world hear it!


Join any of our INCREDIBLE WORKSHOPS and watch your dream come alive!

Workshops are on Friday and Saturday with a technical rehearsal and PERFORMANCE on Sunday!


So no excuses this time... make your dreams come true at YouTheatre.


Registration Fees is Rs 250 per application. No refunds. Should you be accepted the fee for the workshop is Rs. 1000 minus Rs. 250 (Your Registration Fee) i.e. Rs. 750.

Please CLICK on YOUR PREFERED PAYMENT OPTION UNDER the Workshop Logo of your choice.


If you'd just like to try something new, learn a new skill, explore your creativity or even see your city in a whole new light- YourWorkshops  will do just that! Go to the YourWorkshops schedule and block your calendars TODAY!

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